Monday, March 27, 2017

CY Lab crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate repairing essence

if you're reading my other posts, then you might know that i'm chosen as one of amabie a-lister. that's why they sent me a couple items to be reviewed in exchange for honest review for free. so even though i receive this for free, everything that i say here is completely honest. so, upon receiving the package, i have no idea nor have heard of this brand. turns out it is a taiwanese brand, and i think they didn't sell anything online yet. so no wonder i can't find anything anywhere. and if you google it, you might not find it. but the brand has facebook page and a website under the company name, so feel free to visit and find out more about it.

this is the description from their website: with very special and rare ingredient "crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate" can help anti-aging, reduce wrinkle and skin rash, makes your skin looks and feels younger. ingredients: crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate, coenzyme a, lecithin, tocotrienols pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, collagen, chondrus crispus extract, sodium hyaluronate, carbomer, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, butylene glycol, methylisothiazolinone, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, water.
a little bit about the main ingredient, it's sea fennel stem cell extract. it's 100% plant based ingredient, it has high consistency of antioxidants to support the collagen production of the skin and slows down the disintegration of collagen. the other extract, chondrus ciprus, is a red algae, which is also an anti-aging agent. 
pic from their website
the packaging: it comes in a green cardbox. the lovely ladies at amabie give me their booklet too. the essence itself is in a green glass bottle with a dropper. the dropper is a troublesome for some reviewer that received it earlier than me. by the time i got it, the ladies from amabie sent me video link about the instruction to use the dropper and i followed it and it works. i don't have any problems with the dropper. the trick is to pinch the dropper for a few second so it can suck the essence. the box has similar description as the mask. it has the description and ingredient for all the essence variant. and the only way to know which one that you have is to look for the bullet sticker. i had hard time finding out which one that i got at first, but then i realize the bullet sticker. On the back of the bottle you can see the tiny name written on it, so you can check the type of essence that you have. But other than ingredients list, everything is in mandarin.

the scent: okay, i try to sniff it but my nose can't pick any scent. perhaps it has some scent but very subtle.

the product: the essence is a milky white with serum-like consistency. since it's thick, i use it in my serum slot. it takes awhile to completely sink in too. but once it's absorbed, it doesn't leave sticky feeling. since it's quite thick and need some time to be absorbed, i only use it at night.

the result: the immediate result that i can feel is the moisturizing part. it really boost moisture in my skin. i've been using it every night, replacing my snail AIO, and i can see that my skin is moisturized better with this serum. after almost 3 weeks using this essence, i can see that my skin is plumped too. luckily, i don't have any breakouts during using this essence.

i think this is a great essence to boost moisture and plumping your skin. it can work well as anti aging agent. i think it is suitable for any skin types, but for super oily skin, perhaps you might want to use this night time only. like i did. i'm really thankful that i get to try this essence since it works well. unfortunately, i think it's only available in taiwan for now. plus when i checked on their website, the price is $1800 for 30 ml? i don't know if they put wrong currency, but if it's right, then it's very expensive essence that i have slather on my face.
the box (notice the green bullet next to the long name essence)
the bottle (notice the tiny name written under the brand name at the back of the bottle)
right: the dropper
left: the essence on my hand
right: after being absorbed (sorry.. i can't seem to capture the glow on my hand in reality)

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