OGX thin and full biotin & collagen shampoo

if you followed my blogs, then you might know that i somehow struggle with hair loss since i delivered my kids. although the worst might be me after delivering my daughter. somehow my daughter gave me worst hair loss than both my sons did. i still had hair loss, but it's not that much. i still want no hair loss though.. the difficulty having to broom it in my room and taking it out of the sewer strainer.. ugh.. then i came across this OGX shampoo. there are several types that promotes anti breaking, but the famous one i believe is this biotin and collagen. and i found one being sold in my nearest supermarket, so i grabbed one. unfortunately, they didn't sell the conditioner, just the shampoo, so let's find out if the shampoo can work alone.

this is the description from ogxbeauty website: the nutrient-rich, plump-it-up power of this haircare infused with provitamin b7 biotin + collagen helps give each strand a beautiful boost. this dynamic duo will leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller and looking oh, so healthy.

the packaging: this is probably the biggest shampoo bottle that i've bought. it comes in purple bottle, quite plump and big. i almost can't hold it with one hand while pouring the shampoo on my palm. actually there's an original description at the back of the bottle, but unfortunately, somehow the people in the government put another label which is only a non waterproof sticker with the text printed on it. so obviously, when it gets wet, the sticker will crumble and the text become unreadable. and it's bothersome since it has flip top, which means i have to open it with one hand, pour it to the other hand, then put it back before closing the top. closing the top with one hand is quite hard especially when i try closing it before putting it back to the shelves. that's why i move it to a clean pump bottle and it's easier to use since. it comes in whopping 300 ml which is twice the usual size from what i've been using.
see how big and chunky the bottle is?
the scent: uhm... i do can smell some kind of floral scent, but it's very subtle compared to my current hair treatment's scent which is more floral and more noticeable.
the back of the bottle
(see how the label got ruined by water?)
the product: the shampoo itself is also purple! which is new for me. usually my shampoo's color ranges between white to cream, but never deviates far to purple. although it's not vibrant purple, but still purple. it spreads easily and bubbles quite nicely. and i can wash if off easily too.

the flip top
the result: unfortunately, perhaps since this shampoo doesn't contain soap, it makes my hair frizzier at the end of my hair washing. the end of my hair seems to tangle itself, and then my effort to untangle it somehow ended up with my hair falling off on my hand. so for a shampoo that should prevent hair loss, this one doesn't work well. and though i've been using this shampoo for nearly two months, i don't notice my hair becomes fuller and thicker either.

the shampoo once i've moved to clean container
so, clearly that this shampoo doesn't work as i hoped for, but as a shampoo, it works just fine. i only use the shampoo without the conditioner, so perhaps the result might be because of this reason. after all, this shampoo has been best seller to fight hair loss, so no way that this shampoo becomes that famous when it doesn't work. but even though it doesn't work for me, i still enjoy it. and i still have a long way to go. but perhaps, after i finish this, i might try another variant to see the difference.